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அப்துல் ஷகில் பாஷா கைது!

ஜூன் 20, 2010

அப்துல் ஷகில் பாஷா கைது, ஆனால் இவன் மாவோயிஸத் தீவிரவாதியாம்!

மக்கள் போராட்டக் குழுவைச் சேர்ந்த குஜராத்தின் பிரிவிற்காக ஆட்களை சேர்த்து வந்தானாம். தில்லியில் கைத்து செய்யப்பட்ட இவன் சூரத்திற்குக் கொண்டுவரப்பட்டுள்ளான்.

Naxalite Pasha held, remanded in 7-day police custody

TNN, Jun 19, 2010, 10.11pm IST

SURAT: Rural police arrested Abdul Shakil Pasha, a senior operative of Communist Party of India (Maoist), on Friday, in Delhi and brought him to Surat on a transfer warrant. He was produced on Saturday before a local court at Kathor village which remanded him in police custody for seven days. Pasha is accused of recruiting youth from south Gujarat and Ahmedabad for the organisation.

He was closely associated with People’s War Group (PWG) and was worked in Gujarat. Police had sought 14 days’ remand for him from the court. But, the court after hearing the arguments of public prosecutor and defense lawyer, remanded him in police custody for seven days.

So far, police have arrested 12 accused for their alleged involvement in anti-Naxal movement in Gujarat. Those arrested are Niranjan Mohapatra, K N Singh, Maka Chaudhary, Avinash Kulkarni, Ramu Puwar, Bharat Puwar, Sulat Puwar, Jayram Goswami, Satyam Rao, Vishwanath Iyer, Surya Dewra Prabhakar and Venkataiya Kuttupatti. Chargesheet against all except Kuttupatti has been filed in the court.